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Eights! is a little puzzler based on numbers. Easy to learn, Hours of fun!.The game starts by showing you a random setof numbered tiles spread across its 4×4 board.
Your task is to merge/join the numbers.
5 can only match with a 3 to create an 8.
5 + 3 = 8
any number higher than 5 can match with itself
8 + 8 = 1616 + 16 = 32
Match higher numbers to get your high score.
Game mechanics:
In order to merge the tiles you need to pushthe tiles to the wall.
Simply swipe using one finger to any four directions(up, down, left, and right) and all free tiles willmove along. Thus, you may be moving more than one row or column at a time, and you may trigger more than one merge in a single action.
After each move, the game will place a new tile in an empty space left behind by the action.
It is important to remember that the space on the board is limited, and the game ends when you can no longer move.Hence, you must manage the free spaces.
I recommend planning for a move that will free two or more spaces with a single action.
simple rules, intuitive gameplay, and difficult to master